The Workers Compensation division works with agencies across the country to place monoline coverage. We have established relationships ready to write for retail, wholesale, service, manufacturing, construction, home healthcare and transportation risk markets. Whether your agency has a small, single-state risk or a complex multi-state account, we have the expertise and professionalism to place your coverage.

Submission Requirements:

Please upload or e-mail a completed Acord 130 application along with currently valued loss runs and the experience mod worksheet. You may download an Acord 130 form on our applications page. Additional information may be required.

Quotes are turned around in 24-48 hours. Depending upon risk complexity, it may take longer. Please contact us with any questions.

Minimum Premiums

BIB’s Workers Compensation division can write accounts with premiums as low as $1,000, with no maximum premium. Please note that specific classes of business are subject to carrier minimum premium requirements.

Success Stories

Account Type Class Code Premium State
Healthcare 8832 $26,000 Multi-State
Camp NOC 9015 $9,000 MA
Carpentry 5645 $5,000 MA
School 8868 $17,000 MA
Animal Hospital 8831 $15,000 MA
Restaurant 9079 $2,700 MA
Carpentry 2802 $16,000 MA
Welding 3365 $7,500 MA
Grocery 8006 $31,000 ME
Fruit & ProduceDealer 8048 $97,000 MA
Electrical 5190 $5,000 MA
Auto Repair 8380 $15,000 NH
Carpentry 5403 $24,000 NH


General Submissions


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