New Success Stories – December 2017

Boston Insurance Brokerage has well-established relationships and an extensive list of insurance carriers and offerings. This allows our team to provide access, expertise and superior service across five specialized divisions.

Below are some of our most recent successes:

CA Geotechnical/Environmental Engineer
Coverage: Professional Liability
Premium: $129,000

MA A&E Design Build
Coverage: Professional Liability
Premium: $92,288

NC Assisted Living Facility
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $13,947

Environmental Contractor
Coverage: GL and Excess
Premium: $12,000

CA Engineering Firm
Coverage: EPLI
Premium: $9,000

MA Non-Emergency Transport
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $2,750

CT Home Health
Coverage: Professional & Gen. Liability/Excess
Premium: $3,035

PA Home Health
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $1,000

Property Management Firm
Coverage: WC
Premium: $76,000

Commercial Foam Insulation Contractor
Coverage: GL, Property, WC, and $1mm Umbrella
Premium: $66,000

175 Unit (2 Buildings)
Residential Condominium Association
Coverage: Package and $10mm Umbrella, both on
admitted paper
Premium: $59,000

Marina in NH with Full Rental Operations, Boat
Sales, Storage, etc.
Coverage: Package, Marine/IM, Auto, Bumbershoot,
and Tank Pollution
Premium: $57,000

Railroad Resurfacing Contractor
Coverage: Railroad GL and $4mm Excess
Premium: $42,000

Historic Garden Museum – Coastal Location
Coverage: Monoline Property – admitted paper
Premium: $14,000

Public Entity
Coverage: Public Officials Liability
Premium: $6,000