Success Stories

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Cigar Bars/Stores Chain
Coverage: GL/LL/HNOA, Property, and $2mm Umbrella
Premium: $27,000

Meat Products Distributor
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $14,000

Assisted Living Facility
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $17,000

Motorcycle Repair Shop
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $1,900

Environmental Services Company
Coverage: Auto, WC, Property/IM/EBD, WC, Umbrella, Site Pollution, CPL, E&O
Premium: $489,000

Sand/Gravel Hauler
Coverage: Site Pollution, GL, Auto, Excess
Premium: $152,000

Seasonal Restaurant
Coverage: GL/LL and $2mm Excess
Premium: $49,000

Healthcare Staffing/Assisted Living Facilities
Coverage: Professional Liability & GL
Premium: $2,000