Boston Insurance Brokerage

Announcement: Protx Risk Management Acquisition


November 15, 2017

Wholesale insurance broker Boston Insurance Brokerage acquires Protx Risk Management LLC

BOSTON, MA, November 15, 2017: Boston Insurance Brokerage, a wholesale specialty insurance agency based in Boston, Massachusetts, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the business of senior living insurance specialist Protx Risk Management LLC of Princeton, New Jersey.

Gordon Bewick, CEO of Boston Insurance Brokerage, stated that, “We are pleased to be joining forces with Protx Risk Management, which is an expert in professional liability insurance for senior living facilities. Adding the Protx expertise to our portfolio of specialty wholesale insurance solutions will be valuable to the thousands of agents who use Boston Insurance’s placement services.”

Robert L. Hitch, Chairman of Protx Risk Management, stated that, “All of us at Protx are excited to have Boston Insurance Brokerage as a dynamic and growing partner. We know that our clients will continue to be well served by the combined BIB/Protx team, and we believe that together we will build the combined company to be the go-to expert in all of our fields of specialization.”

As part of the transaction, Boston Insurance Brokers Inc. will rename itself Boston Insurance Brokers LLC and will receive an investment from Princeton Risk Partners LLC of Princeton, New Jersey.

Boston Insurance Brokers LLC offers specialized tailored insurance solutions for insurance agents nationwide. More information on Boston Insurance Brokers LLC can be found at More information on Princeton Risk Partners LLC is available at

New Success Stories – June/July 2017

Boston Insurance Brokerage has well-established relationships and an extensive list of insurance carriers and offerings. This allows our team to provide access, expertise and superior service across five specialized divisions. Below are some success stories from the last 30 days:

Multiple Tenant Occupied Homes
Coverage: Personal Lines – Homeowners
Premium: $5,800

Recycling Center
Coverage: Property, GL/CPL
Premium: $38,120

Environmental Consultants
Coverage: GL/CPL/PL
Premium: $9,550

Vacant Land
Coverage: Property
Premium: $800

Coverage: CPL
Premium: $2,500

Vacant Land
Coverage: GL
Premium: $2,500

Affordable Housing
Coverage: Property and GL
Premium: $4,500

Coverage: Site Pollution
Premium: $6,500

Autism Spectrum Services
Coverage: Workers’ Comp
Premium: $940,000

Vocational High School
Coverage: Workers’ Comp
Premium: $93,000

Water District
Coverage: Workers’ Comp
Premium: $26,000

Coverage: D&O
Premium: $2,500

Assisted Living Facilities
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $114,000

Skilled Nursing Facility
Coverage: Excess Professional & GL
Premium: $3,750

Assisted Living Facility
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $10,000

Storage Tanks
Coverage: Pollution Liability
Premium: $4,200

Recent Success Stories: CGL, E&O, Workers Comp and More

CA Apartment Complex
Coverage: BOP Policy
Premium: $20,007

Habitational (Apartments)
Coverage: BOP/Umbrella
Premium: $38,000

NY Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, 10M Excess
Premium: $960,000

WV Assisted Living Facility
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Property
Premium: $6,264

Sporting Goods Equipment Manufacturer
Coverage: CGL
Premium: $42,000

Contractor – Sports/Recreational Facilities
Coverage: CGL & $2mm Excess
Premium: $48,000

Electroplating Risk / Aviation Products
Coverage: GL, $5mm Excess, and $5mm Aircraft Products Liability
Premium: $37,000

Waste Hauler/Transfer Station Operator/Recycling
Coverage: GL, Professional, Pollution (CPL and Site), and $5mm Excess
Premium: $32,000

Asbestos Abatement
Coverage: GL/CPL
Premium: $8,500

High End Personal Lines Exposure – Caribbean
Coverage: Homeowners Policy
Premium: $22,000

Film Producer
Coverage: E&O
Premium: $4,500

Coverage: Excess E&O
Premium: $7,500

Internet Services
Coverage: D&O/EPL CA
Premium: $26,500

Health Solutions
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $151,000

Children’s Non-Profit
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $50,000

Printing Shop
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $68,000

Design/Build Contractor
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $70,000

Fire Protection
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $2,300

Specialty Drilling
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $373,000

Recent Success Stories

Below are our most recent success stories.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a broker.

Home Health Start-up, NH
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $2,000

Senior Center MD
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Property
Premium: $9,597

Home Health, CT
Coverage: Professional & General Liability/Umbrella, Property
Premium: $6,160

Architect NYC
Coverage: Professional Liability
Premium: $81,000

Real Estate Agent NYC
Coverage: Professional Liability
Premium: $7,700

Mining risk
Coverage: CGL, CPL, and $5mm Umbrella
Premium: $60,000

Disability Assistance Social Service Org
Coverage: Workers’ Compensation
Premium: $126,000, MOD – .99

Coverage: Workers’ Compensation
Premium: $32,000, MOD – 2.22

Engineering & Manufacturing
Coverage: Workers’ Compensation
Premium: $112,0000, MOD – 1.29

E-Commerce Company
Coverage: Package/WC/Auto/Umbrella
Premium: $86,168 Combined

Homeowner – Non-Admitted
Coverage: HO-3 – Non-Admitted
Coverage A – $2,548,000
Premium: $6,488

Homeowner – Admitted
Coverage: HO-3/Auto/Umbrella/Valuables
Coverage A – $5,000,000
Premium: $16,188

February Success Stories

Please find below a sample of our recent success stories.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a broker.


Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Account: Nurse Registry/Home Health/Staffing to Nursing Homes/Private Homes
Premium: $49,000

Coverage: General Liability & Contractor’s Pollution Liability
Account: EIFS Contractor
Premium: $20,000

Coverage: Garage Keepers Legal Liability & Dealer’s Open Lot
Account: Emergency Vehicle Dealer
Premium: $42,000

Coverage: Commercial Property Liability
Account: Furniture Manufacturer
Premium: $20,045

Coverage: Environmental Combined Policy
Account: Waste Broker
Premium: $29,000

Coverage: Marina Operators Legal Liability (MOLL), Docks/Building/Gas Sales – Package Policy
Account: Marina
Premium: $10,569

Coverage: Professional Liability
Account: Broker Dealer / Investment Advisor
Premium: $289,750

Coverage: EPLI
Account: Auto Glass / Body Shop (California)
Premium: $29,000

Coverage: Workers Compensation
Account: Vitamin Manufacturing
Premium: $50,000

Coverage: Workers Compensation
Account: Summer Camp w/ Foreign Exposure
Premium: $48,000

Coverage: Workers Compensation
Account: Precious Metals Refinery
Premium: $25,000