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New Success Stories – Healthcare Prof, Workers Comp, Property, EPL…

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Blood Glucose Test Strip – CA
Coverage: 5M Product Recall Liability
Premium: $35,000

Home Health Agency – MA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability Occurrence Basis
Premium: $2,000

Assisted Living Facility – MA
Coverage: 2M Umbrella-Follow Form Primary
Premium: $5,500

Petroleum Transport – MT
Coverage: $15MM Excess Environmental Liability
Premium: $46,000

Garbage Risk – CO
Coverage: $5MM, 5 year site pollution
Premium: $24,000

Publishing Company – UT
Coverage: D&O
Premium: $8500

Asbestos Contractor
Coverage: GL/CPL/Professional
Premium: $6,300

Private Investment Fund – CT
Coverage: Mgmt & Prof Liability, EPLI
Premium: $145,000

Retail Mail Order Company – NH
Coverage: D&O, Fiduciary
Premium: $12,500

Wireless Communications Contractor
Coverage: CPL/NODS/TPL
Premium: $12,000

Construction / Condo Association
Coverage: Builder’s Risk
Premium: $9,000

Meat Market
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $63,000

Fitness Club
Coverage: Workers comp
Premium: $35,300

Auto Body Shop
Coverage: Workers comp
Premium: $17,000

Laser Processing
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $3,700

Trucking/Hauling – Oversized Equipment
Coverage: $1mm Limit MTC & $9mm Excess
Premium: $61,000

General Contractor
Coverage: GL & $5mm Umbrella
Premium: $73,000

Vacant Building – MA
Coverage: Property & GL
Premium: $52,000

Upscale Restaurant – MA
Coverage: GL, Liquor, HNOA, Property, $4mm Umbrella
Premium: $30,000

Residential Condo Association
Coverage: GL, Property, $2mm Umbrella, D&O
Premium: $29,000

Manufacturer of Gun Locks, Racks
Coverage: GL/Products Liability & $9mm Excess
Premium: $53,000

Manufacturer of Industrial Hoses
Coverage: GL & $2mm Umbrella
Premium: $22,000

Boston Insurance Brokerage

Success Stories January 2017

Roofing Contractor 
Coverage: CGL & $6mm Excess (E&S)
Premium: $48,000

Residential Condominium Association 
Coverage: GL, Property, D&O, and Umbrella
Premium: $42,000

Homeless Housing/Shelter- Non-Profit
Coverage: $10mm Excess Liability (E&S)
Premium: $27,000

Short-Term Excess Liability Policy for Event
Coverage: Admitted $16mm xs $7mm Excess Liability Policy
Premium: $16,000

Lessor’s Risk (Clothing Manufacturer Tenant)
Coverage: Property & CGL (E&S)
Premium: $41,000

Industrial Cables & Wires Manufacturer
Coverage: Property + CGL/Products Liability
Premium: $99,000

E-Commerce Servicing/Distribution Ctr
Coverage: CGL/Products Liability, Property, IM, WC, Auto & Umbrella
Premium: $133,000

Wireless Communications Contractor
Coverage: Admitted $6mm Umbrella
Premium: $58,000

Large Commercial Bakery and Distributer
Coverage: CGL/Products Liability, Property, Auto, WC, Umbrella, Professional, & Pollution Liability
Premium: $206,000

Property Management
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $390,000

Boat Repair & Testing (USL&H)
Coverage: Workers Comp, State & Federal Act, MEL
Premium: $105,000

Plastics Manufacturer
Coverage: Workers Comp, MOD – 1.53
Premium: $80,000

Fitness Club
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $30,000

Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $6,000

MA – Commercial Builder of Hotels
Coverage: Builders Risk
Premium: $38,718

OR – Interscholastic Snowboard Association
Coverage: Professional, D/O
Premium: $1,467

VT – Physician
Coverage: Medical Malpractice Addiction Medicine
Premium: $2,500

MA – In Patient/Out Patient Substance Abuse
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Excess (Occurrence Basis), Property
Premium: $81,014

BIB Hires Environmental Insurance VP

We are excited to announce that Zachary Hicks has assumed the position of Vice President in our Denver Colorado office, with a focus on Environmental Insurance. Gordon Bewick, Boston Insurance Brokerage’s President shared, “I am thrilled to introduce Zach whose experience as an underwriter and broker of environmental exposures support BIB’s commitment to bring more resource and expertise to commercial insurance agents and their clients.”

Previously, Zachary served as an Senior Environmental Underwriter for Chubb Insurance Group. He has held Environmental Underwriting and Broker positions both in Colorado and New York City and has worked both in the public (Environmental Protection Agency) and private sectors on Environmental Issues. Zach, says “I’m extremely excited to help expand Boston Insurance Brokerage’s geographic presence and environmental expertise. As a former underwriter, I have always stressed that every risk has an environmental exposure, and I look forward to helping BIB’s partners understand and insure this increasingly growing concern for companies.”

Zachary was an Environmental Geography major at Colgate University and currently is an MBA candidate at Denver University. Outside of insurance, Zach’s interests include outdoor activities, traveling, and volunteerism. Zachary has been fortunate to travel to over 25 countries and volunteer internationally, and is happy to now be a part of the Denver, Colorado community.

For more information about BIB’s Environmental Insurance solutions click here, or feel free to contact Zachary at 303-990-7665, or by email at

Established in 2001, Boston Insurance Brokerage is a wholesale commercial broker with offices in Boston, New York and Denver. The firm operates in the following divisions: Property/Casualty, Environmental, Healthcare Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation and Executive & Professional Liability and High Value Personal Lines.

Recent Success Stories – Jan 2016

Disability Services
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $216,000/MOD – 1.24

Contract Manufacturing
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $103,000 /MOD – 1.29

Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $35,000/MOD – 2.22

Assisted Living Facility, PA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Property
Premium: $18,636

Home Health Start-up, MA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $2,000

Home Health, NH
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $3,900

Health Care for Corrections Institutions
Coverage: Professional & General Liability and Excess
Premium: $2,500,000

Beer Distributor
Coverage: Umbrella
Premium: $70,000

International Limo Service
Coverage: Foreign Liability
Premium: $55,000

Homeowners Association, 44 units, KS
Coverage: Property, GL, D&O
Premium: $27,000

Software Company
Coverage: All lines – Standard Market
Premium: $230,000

Exotic Auto Dealer, NV
Coverage: Dealer’s Open lot
Premium: $25,000

RV dealer, CO
Coverage: Dealer’s Open lot
Premium: $12,000

Boston Insurance Brokerage

Chase Stone Joins as Assistant Broker


Chase Stone has joined BIB as an Assistant Broker in our Property and Casualty Division. Chase held an internship with us. Upon graduating from the University of Vermont, he has decided to continue his work in insurance.

With Chase on board, we have expanded our capability to help clients find the most up to date and competitive solutions for their healthcare and medical exposure risks.

Chase Stone’s contact information:
Direct: 617-556-7040
Mobile: 617-417-6605

John (Chase) Stone LinkedIn Profile
Please join us in welcoming Chase.

Carl Dickson Promoted to VP of P&C

We are proud to announce that Carl Dickson has been promoted to the position of Vice President of the Property, Casualty & Environmental Division. Carl Dickson comes with a wealth of experience from within the organization, having spent the last 2 years at Boston Insurance Brokerage as the Assistant VP of the Property, Casualty & Environmental Division growing his book of business by 87%.

Carl comments, “The past two years have really paid off. I’ve spent a good amount of time on the road getting to know our clients and deepening our relationships. I look forward to expanding our relationships in the coming years as VP of the Property, Casualty and Environmental Division.”

To contact Carl, please feel free to call (617) 556-7023 or email him at:

Carl Dickson Promotion

Recently Written Property Accounts

Below is a sample selection of a few difficult to place risks we were recently able to bind.  Through partnerships with top notch A rated carriers we provide solutions for the insurance industry’s fastest growing niche markets.  By bringing you experience, strong carrier relationships and superior service, BIB is your wholesale brokerage solution.

BIB - Property Success Stories (8.12.13)

As an excess and surplus lines brokerage, we are accustomed to working with tight deadlines.  Should you be experiencing similar difficulties placing your risks, please do not hesitate to contact one of our brokers today and let us impress you with our ability to turn around your submission with speed and efficiency.