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Blood Glucose Test Strip – CA
Coverage: 5M Product Recall Liability
Premium: $35,000

Home Health Agency – MA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability Occurrence Basis
Premium: $2,000

Assisted Living Facility – MA
Coverage: 2M Umbrella-Follow Form Primary
Premium: $5,500

Petroleum Transport – MT
Coverage: $15MM Excess Environmental Liability
Premium: $46,000

Garbage Risk – CO
Coverage: $5MM, 5 year site pollution
Premium: $24,000

Publishing Company – UT
Coverage: D&O
Premium: $8500

Asbestos Contractor
Coverage: GL/CPL/Professional
Premium: $6,300

Private Investment Fund – CT
Coverage: Mgmt & Prof Liability, EPLI
Premium: $145,000

Retail Mail Order Company – NH
Coverage: D&O, Fiduciary
Premium: $12,500

Wireless Communications Contractor
Coverage: CPL/NODS/TPL
Premium: $12,000

Construction / Condo Association
Coverage: Builder’s Risk
Premium: $9,000

Meat Market
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $63,000

Fitness Club
Coverage: Workers comp
Premium: $35,300

Auto Body Shop
Coverage: Workers comp
Premium: $17,000

Laser Processing
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $3,700

Trucking/Hauling – Oversized Equipment
Coverage: $1mm Limit MTC & $9mm Excess
Premium: $61,000

General Contractor
Coverage: GL & $5mm Umbrella
Premium: $73,000

Vacant Building – MA
Coverage: Property & GL
Premium: $52,000

Upscale Restaurant – MA
Coverage: GL, Liquor, HNOA, Property, $4mm Umbrella
Premium: $30,000

Residential Condo Association
Coverage: GL, Property, $2mm Umbrella, D&O
Premium: $29,000

Manufacturer of Gun Locks, Racks
Coverage: GL/Products Liability & $9mm Excess
Premium: $53,000

Manufacturer of Industrial Hoses
Coverage: GL & $2mm Umbrella
Premium: $22,000

Boston Insurance Brokerage

Success Stories January 2017

Roofing Contractor 
Coverage: CGL & $6mm Excess (E&S)
Premium: $48,000

Residential Condominium Association 
Coverage: GL, Property, D&O, and Umbrella
Premium: $42,000

Homeless Housing/Shelter- Non-Profit
Coverage: $10mm Excess Liability (E&S)
Premium: $27,000

Short-Term Excess Liability Policy for Event
Coverage: Admitted $16mm xs $7mm Excess Liability Policy
Premium: $16,000

Lessor’s Risk (Clothing Manufacturer Tenant)
Coverage: Property & CGL (E&S)
Premium: $41,000

Industrial Cables & Wires Manufacturer
Coverage: Property + CGL/Products Liability
Premium: $99,000

E-Commerce Servicing/Distribution Ctr
Coverage: CGL/Products Liability, Property, IM, WC, Auto & Umbrella
Premium: $133,000

Wireless Communications Contractor
Coverage: Admitted $6mm Umbrella
Premium: $58,000

Large Commercial Bakery and Distributer
Coverage: CGL/Products Liability, Property, Auto, WC, Umbrella, Professional, & Pollution Liability
Premium: $206,000

Property Management
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $390,000

Boat Repair & Testing (USL&H)
Coverage: Workers Comp, State & Federal Act, MEL
Premium: $105,000

Plastics Manufacturer
Coverage: Workers Comp, MOD – 1.53
Premium: $80,000

Fitness Club
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $30,000

Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $6,000

MA – Commercial Builder of Hotels
Coverage: Builders Risk
Premium: $38,718

OR – Interscholastic Snowboard Association
Coverage: Professional, D/O
Premium: $1,467

VT – Physician
Coverage: Medical Malpractice Addiction Medicine
Premium: $2,500

MA – In Patient/Out Patient Substance Abuse
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Excess (Occurrence Basis), Property
Premium: $81,014

Recent Success Stories – Jan 2016

Disability Services
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $216,000/MOD – 1.24

Contract Manufacturing
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $103,000 /MOD – 1.29

Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $35,000/MOD – 2.22

Assisted Living Facility, PA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Property
Premium: $18,636

Home Health Start-up, MA
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $2,000

Home Health, NH
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $3,900

Health Care for Corrections Institutions
Coverage: Professional & General Liability and Excess
Premium: $2,500,000

Beer Distributor
Coverage: Umbrella
Premium: $70,000

International Limo Service
Coverage: Foreign Liability
Premium: $55,000

Homeowners Association, 44 units, KS
Coverage: Property, GL, D&O
Premium: $27,000

Software Company
Coverage: All lines – Standard Market
Premium: $230,000

Exotic Auto Dealer, NV
Coverage: Dealer’s Open lot
Premium: $25,000

RV dealer, CO
Coverage: Dealer’s Open lot
Premium: $12,000