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ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION LIABILITY: Commercial General Liability May Insufficiently Cover Pollution Risks

Avoid leaving contractors, site managers/operators, and commercial property owners with gaps in their coverage. Environmental Liability Insurance can fill these gaps and protect the insured from the unforeseen environmental exposures that potentially damage property or cause injury.

Learn more about what types of risk have an environmental exposure and coverages we offer.

Chase Stone, Broker

Success Stories

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NH Manufacturer of Felt Materials
Coverage: Commercial Property (Admitted)
Premium: $74,000

CT Group Home (Incumbent Carrier Non-Renew Claim History)
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $17,500

Communications/Cables Contractor
Coverage: GL/CPL/Umbrella
Premium: $13,000

General Contractor
Coverage: General Liability
Premium: $11,500

Excavation Contractor
Coverage: Railroad Protective
Premium: $1,500

Coverage: Cyber & D&O
Premium: $9,000

MA Custom Paper Packaging Manufacturer
Coverage: Commercial Property
Premium: $165,000

MA General Contractor
Coverage: General Liability & $6mm Umbrella
Premium: $81,000

Commercial Sheet Metal Fabrication/Construction
Coverage: CPL/E&O and $5mm High Excess Liability
Premium: $47,000

MA Environmental Consultant
Coverage: GL/CPL/E&O (2-year term)
Premium: $19,000

MA CNC Machine Shop
Coverage: Package, Auto, WC, Umbrella (Admitted)
Premium: $22,000

Financial Exchange
Coverage: Professional/Cyber
Premium: $90,000

100 Unit Condominium Association
Coverage: Package, D&O, Umbrella
Premium: $60,000

Frame Construction
Coverage: Builders Risk
Premium: $40,000

CT Skilled Nursing Facility
Coverage: Professional & General Liability
Premium: $32,550