Recent Success Stories: CGL, E&O, Workers Comp and More

CA Apartment Complex
Coverage: BOP Policy
Premium: $20,007

Habitational (Apartments)
Coverage: BOP/Umbrella
Premium: $38,000

NY Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, 10M Excess
Premium: $960,000

WV Assisted Living Facility
Coverage: Professional & General Liability, Property
Premium: $6,264

Sporting Goods Equipment Manufacturer
Coverage: CGL
Premium: $42,000

Contractor – Sports/Recreational Facilities
Coverage: CGL & $2mm Excess
Premium: $48,000

Electroplating Risk / Aviation Products
Coverage: GL, $5mm Excess, and $5mm Aircraft Products Liability
Premium: $37,000

Waste Hauler/Transfer Station Operator/Recycling
Coverage: GL, Professional, Pollution (CPL and Site), and $5mm Excess
Premium: $32,000

Asbestos Abatement
Coverage: GL/CPL
Premium: $8,500

High End Personal Lines Exposure – Caribbean
Coverage: Homeowners Policy
Premium: $22,000

Film Producer
Coverage: E&O
Premium: $4,500

Coverage: Excess E&O
Premium: $7,500

Internet Services
Coverage: D&O/EPL CA
Premium: $26,500

Health Solutions
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $151,000

Children’s Non-Profit
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $50,000

Printing Shop
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $68,000

Design/Build Contractor
Coverage: Workers Comp
Premium: $70,000

Fire Protection
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $2,300

Specialty Drilling
Coverage: Workers Compensation
Premium: $373,000